Fact Sheet

Authors Kurt Kesler
IWAD Doom 2
Engine limitless source port
Date 1998/6
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

And so begins yet another series of Kurt Kesler WADs. The KHILLS series is designed to use any of the new limitless source ports: Boom, DosDoom, WinDoom & Legacy have been tested. I used my current favorite port PrBoom to play it, and had no problems.

screenshot The level is a base of some kind, situated in a valley (i.e surrounded by hills ;P). Obviously Doom is a bit limited when it comes to depicting hills, but Kurt does a reasonable job. There is even a small river flowing down the hillside and under (I think) the base.

The base itself is not very big, just a few rooms scattered around the valley. It seemed rather undermanned at first; most of the opposition turn up later in traps and such. Also, I noticed that the yellow key door was incorrectly tagged; it is marked as a key door, and a key is given, but it doesn't need a key to open it. I am sure that many level designers like myself will be just a little glad that even the experts make a mistake now and again ;P.

Traps are the key to this level. Right from the start there are hidden monsters turning up at the least convenient moments. Apart from a couple of very nasty traps, they are all both powerful and fair to the player, leading to some exciting play. There are also some excellent fights in the outdoor area; no chaingunners or mancubi were spared here, I can tell you...

While this level is not quite as good as many of the KBOOM series of levels by the same author, it is still a great level and well worth downloading.


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