Legion of the Damned


Fact Sheet

Authors Dave Peacock
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1996/3
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

A fairly small and dull wad that again aggravates my burning desire to know why anyone would make their level anything besides the first level to a mission. This wad can't even claim to have done it for the music: the soothing midi tones of Nirvana's -Smells Like Teen Spirit- serenade you throughout the halls of this wad.

Not very interesting. Only a few baddies in a very small level, textured mostly in an earthy wood feeling. All three keys are used, simply to open a door and find another key. Very linear. As you can tell by my short, non-descript sentences, I wasn't very interested, and the level remains hazy in my memory. No action, fairly mundane architecture.

It isn't that this level is bad, but it just left me very apathetic towards its existance. It could have used a lot more monsters, less ammo, and perhaps a spark of life.

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