Fact Sheet

Authors Lewis Beard
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/5
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

I remember at one time really being impressed with this level, but I guess my tastes have changed. I don't think that this level is horrible, but it didn't really ring my bell this time around. One of the main problems is that the texturing in this level is absolutely atrocious. Constant texture misalignments, dubious choices, strange door textures, etc. Doors are generally just huge sections of walls that lift up, with the doortrak scrolling upwards along with it. I also don't quite understand why there are so many texture misalingments, considering that a lot of them occur in walls that are right next to each other. This level really needs to be a lot prettier.

Monster placement and fighting seem pretty good, my main gripe is just that this level could have been twice as good if the author had spent some time aligning textures, making doorways, correcting strange lighting, etc. There are several nice areas in the map that make decent killing grounds... the only problem is that they are so damn ugly.

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