Lost in Hell


Fact Sheet

Authors Harq
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/4
Levels 4

Review by Colin Phipps

"Lost in Hell" is a short mini-episode of 4 levels. It is really just a collection of odd levels by the author, there doesn't seem to be any overall theme or style to the episode.

There are some good ideas in these levels, and some good fights, but I felt that the levels felt rather incomplete, lacking a clear purpose or style. Here are the levels:

  1. The Beginning of Confusion - A fairly small level, with fairly weak opposition, but monster placement was good so it isn't all trivial. The architecture was a patchy mix of styles, such as the frustrating dense forest at the start. The exit to this level is done badly, because you can easily hit it before you should be able to.
  2. Midroads to Confusion - A very small map, just a yard and 4 switches to reach the exit. A few monsters, but plenty of health and ammo, so... what is the point of this level?
  3. The End of Confusion - A mine-tunnels style level, with nice lighting (a little dark perhaps, but there is good atmosphere). There are some good features in the tunnels themselves; however the other areas were not so good (e.g. a big building with a cyberdemon in, decorated with a bad texture, little detail in the area). There are tons of rockets and a cyberdemon, but I suggest that you run past. There are some good clever fights, but they were spoilt when mixed with the rest of this level.
  4. Confusion Justified - This was a rather weird level, almost all done in metal textures. There are some strange fights, such as lots of Commander Keens and SSNazis used in one area. Converyor belts are used to make some fights more interesting; there are some good fights at this level. But the boring all-metal style and lack of variety spoil this level.

Overall, this is a strange collection of levels which just misses the grade. With improvement the levels could be good.

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