Fact Sheet

Authors John Martino
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/10
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot Mediator is a single level for Doom 2 with the Boom engine. The plot of this level is strange: you arrive in a space pod, with your objective (Romero's head) behind some keydoors, so you have to teleport down to a strange courtyard and fight for the keys to complete the level.

A new sky is imported to give a very spooky feel to this courtyard area; the details like the lake and fountain are good. You teleport from this courtyard area to various other areas, which are if anything even more detailed and impressive. The only flaw I found was a single misplaced texture.

I hope you like revenants, because this level has plenty of them. The main courtyard has lots of traps, usually one opens each time you return to the courtyard. But each of these traps is the same, a group of 3 revenants; fighting these in a large courtyard is dificult and fun once or twice, and you have to make good use of the buildings as cover, but once you have done it 4 or 5 times it is getting boring.

There are lots of other fights, though, and the traps in the other areas are more varied (though there are still plenty of revenants) and more interesting. There is a lot of ammo scattered around and I needed all of it - be careful not to waste too much.

There are new sounds included, which are rather like the Duke Nukem sounds - talking to yourself (e.g. "guns don't kill people - I do"). Presumably some people like this type of distraction, but I don't.

Overall, apart from the revenants (and a lack of secrets?), this is a good level. Maybe if I liked revenants more this would have got a 5 :-).


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