Fact Sheet

Authors Josh Fallon
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/6
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

Another pleasant surprise as I loll about in my old sk00l daze. I remember, back in 94 or 94, when first playing this, thinking this level was impossible on Hurt Me Plenty. Apparently, I've improved. An excellent level.

Nice and moody, as the title of the wad suggests. A (typical) new night sky has been added to increase the moodiness of the level. I know that -all- DOOM levels look like this, but props to "Phallus" for his succesful implementation of the standard "military base being swallowed up by hell" look.

Monster placement is nice and even... on Ultra-Violence, the monster count is just shy of 200, but it seems like a lot more. The author of the level went through pains to give you challenging fights, and every baddy shy of the cyber and spider are used in the level. There are a lot of portions in the level where the monsters are just too much for you to currently handle, and so you're forced to retreat. Actually, "Phallus" implements architecture nicely to give you a few more weapons in your arsenal to fight the baddies, providing you play it smart. There are a couple of crushing ceilings in the game that you can lure anxious Barons through, if you play it smart.

Ammo is scarce, but just plentiful enough to give you the firepower needed to complete the level. Medipaks are also scarce, meaning that you walk through most of the level hurting. When you find soul spheres, watch out: it means you're going to need them and that it'll be a long while before you see any health again. All the weapons are given to you, but I think the level would have been a bit more successful if "Phallus" had left off giving you the plasma gun and BFG and simply gave you a few more shotgun shells and rockets.

Architecture is what drops this wad from a "5" to a "4". The architecture, overall, is very good, giving you really nice playing grounds to whomp some monsters. I really enjoyed the look and feel of this level. On the other hand, like a lot of old school levels, there are some minor texture misalignments, as well as a few places where I considered the texture choice somewhat dubious. Also, there is a small HOM in one portion of the level... it is practically impossible to stumble upon, but it is there. So, I can't give this level the "5" I want to. Damned modern DOOM sensibilities! Back in the day, we knew what we like, and damn it, that was that. None of this "texture alignment" or "detail" crap. All we wanted was a big room, a plasma gun, and five dozen imps. Sigh. How times change.

Excellent wad, though: suitably spooky, lots of fun, moody, and challenging. Nuff said.


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