Fact Sheet

Authors Malcolm Sailor
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1997/4
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot This is the first level of the NOSUN series for Doom 2. There is a useful plot given in the text file; it's worth reading this, because it gives a lot of useful information about the level. It is a base style level, which you have to clear out and escape in an alien spaceship.

The level is very cramped, with lots of action and detail packed into small spaces. In particuler there is good attention to features like lighting and decoration. There are even some railway tracks, though the bends were unrealistically sharp.

The early areas of this level were fun to fight through, with a good mix of plenty of enemies and traps. The level progression is good; the level is very non-linear but it was always obvious where to go next. There are also a range of secrets to find.

Later on the level becomes stranger, because for a couple of fights you are given invulnerabilities and have to blast through some big crowds of badies. This always seems a waste to me, since with an invulnerability you are, well, pretty invulnerable, so these fights are a bit pointless. You could always try it without them, but it'll be pretty tough.

I was playing through this level coop with someone, and we both agreed it was a nice fun level, albeit a bit weird toward the end. Plenty here to keep any Doomer interested.


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