Fact Sheet

Authors Malcolm Sailor
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1997/3
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

The NOSUN series is a great series of levels, so I was expecting a lot from the 3rd level, NOSUN3. I was not disappointed :). The level is quite different from the previous 2 when it comes to size; not only is it bigger overall but all the areas are bigger, giving a much more spacious feel than the previous ones.

screenshot The level is an underground complex; the main areas of the level are a couple of large underground caverns, which look a bit dull but it would be hard to avoid this. From these areas branch out lost of side areas which are more high-tech style; there is plenty of attention to detail like lighting, decorations and features like computer consoles and acid. The level sets up a great style architecture, of buildings not-quite-touching, which pervades the level. An excellent touch.

As usual there is plenty of action to fill the level. The large caverns are well populated will hellspawn to start with, so you have a good fight covering behind the supporting pillars, getting them fighting each other then cleaning up the rememants. You then go into the various side areas and start finding the switches and keys. There's plenty of action, traps, and secrets to keep you busy for a while :). The level is non-linear, but usually easy to make progress; just in one place you have to be observant if you're to find one of the keycards, but most likely you'll have the automap by then anyway. Throughout the level I thought ammo and health were excellently judged; you'll always have enough but not too much.

Towards the end the level gets pretty surreal, with some really gloomy and strange architecture. There is a clever fight to get the yellow keycard; you have to run past a caged cyber, blast through some badies, grab the key and run as monsters start teleporting in (be careful though, there is a place where you can get completely stuck if you're unlucky). That isn't the final showdown though, which comes with a boss spawner and a load of archies at the end. Fortunately you can just grab an invulerability and carve your way through to the exit

This is a great Doom 2 level, stylish and with plenty of action, just a few minor flaws. One that everyone should have played IMO.


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