Hard times


Fact Sheet

Authors Oliver Nowak
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/11
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

This is a decent small level with about 77 monsters in it. About half of these monsters are Barons of Hell. When I first tried it, I thought the level would be impossible, and indeed, the first fight is dire if you don't know what to do. Basically, you find yourself, as soon as you exit the first room, where you get stocked up on rockets and a soul sphere, you find yourself confronted by a cyberdemon and spiderdemon. This fight, as you may imagine, is impossible. However, if you let loose a room full of around 20 or 30 barons and then hastily retreat to a saferoom, they weaken the cyber and spider, the cyber kills the spider, and you take the cyber out with a couple of rockets.

This level isn't spectacular, but I really love fighting so many barons of hell with almost unlimited rockets. Its small, but interesting and bloody, so I'm giving it a 4.

A small postscript: at this point, I want to put out a small plea. This level and oggi.zip recently showed up in cdrom.com's newstuff directory. However, both of these levels are over 4 years old. This in itself wouldn't particularly concern me, but oggi2.wad is about a year older than oggi.wad is, which seems a bit strange to me. Also, while both files have txt files included in the cdrom.com directory, they are zipped without them. Does anyone know the history of these levels? I suppose I should just email the author, but I figured I'd do it this way first. Email me at drcrypt@hotmail.com if you know anything about these levels.

Suck it down. My new, vaguely-pornographic catch phrase to tell you people to download something.

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