Fact Sheet

Authors Pedro Blanco
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/12
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "PAGBSPD1" (I think it's meant to be "PAGB" the author's initials I guess, and "SPD" for speed) is a small level for Doom 1, which consists of a circular courtyard with rooms around it. The main fight of the level is this yard, with imps in the middle and sergeants overlooking it. It's a pretty fun little fight, getting the baron and imps fighting, then running out and picking off the sergeants as quickly as you can (good for coop).

The level is well designed, with a good atmosphere and plenty of nice details. There are new sounds added, some of which sounded like Quake sounds; they were fairly good, the usual mixed-bag. There are a few good secrets too.

The main problem with the level is the size - after the main fight, there are just a few more sergeants to round up, collect a keycard and it's all over. Just as I was getting to like the level, there was the exit - I was disappointed. It's a good level if you're just after a quick game though.

Included in the zip is a 100% K'n'S demo by none other than Yonatan Donner. What more need I say? :)


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