Death Tormantion: Special edition level


Fact Sheet

Authors Paul Corfiatis
IWAD Ultimate Doom
Engine Ultimate/Final Doom compatible engine
Date 1999/4
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "Death Tormantion, Special edition level" is a single level for Ultimate Doom. It's in that marble, wood and rusty metal style of the original; the architecture is good, lots of details like torches and lighting, and wall decorations. Particularly toward the end of the level, there is lots of detail, especially in the outdoor areas.

The gameplay is good too. The style is "back to basics", you get just shotgun and pistol, and there are a good mix of enemies, with imps and sergeants used well, as well as the cacos and barons. Some good traps, but generally very fair. Ammo was well judged, making the level more interesting as you are forced to use the beserk pack from time to time; there is a good supply of health. There are lots of good fights which force the player to run around looking for somewhere to make a stand.

The level progression is good, non-linear and interesting, but it's always clear where to go. On the down side, the exit is a bit of an anticlimax; t's back near the start, so you have to wander back through the level, and there isn't even a sting in the tail. There are a few secrets to get too. Overall, a very nice Ultimate Doom level.


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