Fact Sheet

Authors Shawn Holmstead
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/5
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

screenshot This level at one time, back in the day, was impossible for me. Now, it seems pitifully easy. We've seen tons of these arena levels since 1994. This one is good, but could use about a hundred more monsters to make it interesting. On Ultra-Violence, you teleport into the middle of a huge arena with a load of former humans on catwalks. As soon as you take a step, four doors open, unleashing an army of spectres, barons, imps, and cacodemons. This really doesn't make you get into a sweat. There is tons of room... if there were twelve times as many monsters, you still wouldn't be crowded. As it is, you easily dodge past them, go out into the outside area of the arena, load yourself up with weapons (most of the heavy artillery are in secret rooms, but the areas are rather hard to find), and go back to kill any of the monsters that haven't taken care of each other from the crossfire. I took everything out with my shotgun, just to make it interesting.... there is -no challenge- taking on 4 barons with a shotgun given a mile radius to move around in. Bottom line: alright level with no major problems... it just doesn't seem nearly as interesting these days, when the arena level motif has been done to death.


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