Pink Munchers And Pesky Imps


Fact Sheet

Authors Steve Robinson
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1999/9
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "Pink Munchers And Pesky Imps (And The Occaisional Cacodemon Or Baron)" is a single level for Doom 1, in the Knee Deep style. There are several good areas, although some areas were a bit simple structurally. However there are several good new and modified graphics, which are used well to give this level a good style. There are lots of windows between areas, balconies with railings, etc, which make the level interesting.

As I explored the level, it often seemed quite empty; there are many areas that start off with few or no monsters around. Then I'd run into a whole load of baddies - there are lots of good big fights at this level. The level spans out from the start area in several directions; when you finish exploring one area to get a key, lots of monsters are released on the way back. There are some really good surprises and traps too.

I was fairly tight for ammo the first time through. I went back to check some areas I'd missed out, and found teh couple of secrets - these secrets are rather overdone, because each contains a whole pile of goodies, and would probably make the level a lot easier (e.g. I would have had no problems if I'd had that chainsaw in places). Overall, I enjoyed this one, it's a nice stylish level.


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