Escape from Prison


Fact Sheet

Authors Philip Renshaw
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 2001/12/07
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

Playing this level brings back memories of my early days of WAD reviewing. It's been too long since I player a level that looked this primitive. This prison is a collection of rooms and corridors, pretty much uniformly textured in a single stone block texture. There are a few structural details like stairs and a couple of ourdoor yards but little else to relieve the monotony. Many of the linking areas suffer badly from a lack of orthogonal walls, ending up looking more like a randon chain of quadrilaterals. Texture misalignments are rife.

On the other hand, the gameplay was rather good. There are quite a few monsters packed in here - not so many it turns into a mindless slaughter, but enough to put the player under some pressure. There are a lot of traps, and these are quite well balanced with the player given enough space to outmaneouver the monsters provided you are on the ball. Most of the traps and secrets do show on the map which weakens them somewhat, but it's still fun.

Overall, a very basic level architecturally but with a lot of promise in the gameplay department.


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