The Helios Project - Stage Beta


Fact Sheet

Authors prower
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1999/8/22
Levels 3

Review by Colin Phipps

The Helios Project - Stage Beta, aka Helios 2, is a sequence of 3 levels for Boom. The levels are well linked, both by the plot, and by overlaps between the levels themselves. This is the sequel to Helios, but the atmosphere is much gloomer than its predecessor - you descend into the sewage system, become trapped and have to fight your way through the evil base. The dark rusting underground base feel reminded me of The Crusher (Doom 2 MAP06).

Mostly the opposition consists of revenants, barons and cacodemon, with some other types thrown in from time to time. There are fairly few traps; instead the fights rely on the the placement of the heavyweight monsters to do damage. On to the levels then:

I have to admit I've never been a fan of these Doom 2 levels which just scatter a few clusters of heavyweight monsters around. The middle level has some good tactical fights early on, and there are some tricky fights at the first level, but mostly it's just steady double shotgun work. The rusty base theme holds well, and the earthquake struck base at the middle level is very well done. Not really my cup of tea though.

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