The Seventh - Level 03: The Technology Base


Fact Sheet

Authors prower
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/7
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

"The Technology Base" is the third level from The Seventh series. It is worth mentioning that each level in the series had a plot in the text file, which include a brief mission outline: it's worth reading since it gives a few hints about the level. The plot is a bit incredible, but that's almost traditional with Doom plots anyway :-).

The level is hi-tech in style, with lots of that green metal texture ala MAP01, computer panels, etc.. Quite a few areas of the level are rather plain and lacked detail, but there are a lot of good rooms too; the reactor at the start, for instance, with some clever platforms sticking out over the acid.

There is a strong weight towards tough badies at this level; you'll meet more revenants and archvilles than imps and shotgun men. Some of the fights are designed so you can make them fight each other, but more often you just have to struggle through. Make sure you get the plasma rifle and all the other weapons available, you'll need them! The beserk pack is given too, don't forget to use it when ammo gets tight. There are some good clever fights, but I would have prefered some more variety instead of so many revenants.

There are some new graphics imported, most notably some coloured light textures; these are used beside doors but don't be misled because the coloured stripes don't indicate the colour of key needed. The level progression is pretty obvious though, there is no problem finding your way around.

To summarise, this is a level with tough badies, so be prepared!


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