Fact Sheet

Authors Doug Ryerson
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/6
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

"PURE EVIL" is a single Knee-Deep style level for Doom 1. The architecture is pretty basic, though there are some good places, such as a movie theatre (Doom is now playing ;-). The texturing was pretty weak, with only the basic greys and STAR textures from Doom 1 used in most areas, and a lot of texture misalignments. There were also some problems with clipping effects in the main courtyard.

The level is pretty easy, as you'd expect for a level this old. There were no traps really, just the basic enemies and the odd caco and baron around to deal with. Ammo and health were reasonably judged though. The level progression is a bit awkward in places, partly because of a complicated lift arrangement in the central courtyard, making it a bit tricky to see the way forward quickly. In fact though I rather liked the way narrow ledges were used to link areas, it made things a bit more interesting in an otherwise dull level.

Overall, it's an old level with a lot of obvious defects. But with some nice touches.

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