Fact Sheet

Authors Rudy Jurjako
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/07/17
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

Oh my. How did I let myself end up downloading this one. The file size of 17K would have been a giveaway if I had been paying attention. The unhelpful description in the text file of See for yoursself! should have had the alarm bells ringing. But I saw that the level was made with DCK and I applied my usual heuristic, that a level made with DCK is likely to be better than average, because you never see a DCK level where the structure is really messed up. And sure enough, the structure of this level is sound. Which is about all I can say in its favour.

Quadrant is in fact a misplaced deathmatch level - the text file says it is for single player and coop as well, but since the exit is available almost at the start, and lots of weapons and ammo are scattered around but only notional resistance, it's clearly only designed for deathmatch play. The level is centered on a large arena, surrounded at a higher level by a large ledge, with side areas of increasing awkwardness holding the powerful weapons. The initial opposition are 12 troopers; there are a few sergeants and a baron in side areas, but nothing remotely challenging. The level is no temple of architecture either - there is no detail, and almost the whole level is decorated in plain brown textures, brightly lit. Skip it.

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