Fact Sheet

IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1999/9
Levels 3

Review by Colin Phipps

This is a 3 level mini-episode for Doom 2. ALthough it's been classified under the Ports section on cdrom.com, the only reason is that the demo is made for ZDoom - you can play the level with ordinary Doom 2. There is a short plot in the text file that the levels follow, which you'll be able to guess from the level names.

  1. Escape from Hellcatroz - You start out in a prison cell - with a pistol and 50 bullets naturally ;-). At least getting out of the cell isn't as obvious as the usual left-the-door-open or key-left-inside escapes of some Doom prison starts. All the weapons are given at this level (albeit some of them only in the easy to find secrets), usually right before you need them. There are a couple of nasty traps, but nothing hard otherwise. The architecture is noticably flat, fairly plain cement/metal style, but with some good attention to lighting.
  2. Sewer time - I liked this level most of the three. The level goes through 3 distinct phases - you start in a rocky tunnel, which leads to a metal and brick base. There are several good traps in this area, but also some boring fights (e.g. trap with 2 deaf barons shows on the map). You then drop down into the final part, which is the actual tunnels. These are suitably dark and dank, and narrow making for some tricky fights. There are a couple more good fights in this area.
  3. Ruler's maison - Strangely, the sewers lead straight to the front door of the "guardian of the portal to hell". Yes, it's a cyberdemon fight, pretty trivial with the BFG. The big scrolling pillars with hellish textures on look naff, but the hall itself isn't too bad. One good trap, compensated for by 4 hell knights in boring sequence to shotgun at the end.

The middle level is fairly interesting, but the other two are pretty mundane. Hopefully we'll see some good levels from this author in future :-).

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