Do DOOM Marines Dream of Electric Imps?


Fact Sheet

Authors Robert Macnaughton
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1996/5
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

Another lemon. Its short, has almost as many monsters in it as it does weapons, plenty of health, ammo, and armor. I'm fairly unimpressed. Not good enough to be interesting, not bad enough to be funny... just the lower depths of the mediocre pool. Architecture seems sloppy to me and not very realistic, but I didn't notice any flaws in it... just a level designed by somebody who should never be a home decorator. No real texture misalignments except when it is on purpose, ie: when you need to open an obvious secret door to get on to the rest of the level. By the way, doors playing secret doors by badly blending in with the rest of the wall is generally useless, especially when you are in a short corridor that leads to a dead-end.

Not much more to say. Very little entertainment. There's a spiderdemon in here, but he's trapped in a small room, with a BFG on one side of him and an invulnerability on the other side. You can probably take down the other 36 baddies on Ultra-Violence with your fists. Yawn.


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