Fact Sheet

Authors Richard Wiles
IWAD Ultimate Doom
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/11
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot It's unusual to see good new levels for the original Doom, so SPOOKY01 is pretty unusual. It is a short level for Doom 1, in the Ultimate Doom style; the Ultimate Doom sky is imported to complete the feel.

Throughout this level there is lots of detail, with torches and lighting effects, beams and decorations, everything to make this level spooky and hellish. In fact there was hardly anywhere in the level where I could have taken a bad screenshot of it (makes my job easier :). There was a little HOM in the exit room though, which the author mentions in the text file - would it have been so hard to fix this?

It might be for the original Doom, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Ammo is pretty limited at this level, so choose wisely which enemies you want to kill; I was a bit careless and ran low on ammo for a while. There are lots of traps with monsters teleporting behind/around you at this level, rather too many I thought, since the other fights were not too hard. It does add some danger to the level, but none of the traps are unfair.

If you want a short, good tricky level, then this certainly fits the bill.

Download spooky01.zip

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