Fact Sheet

Authors Michael Kelsey
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/4
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

In my search around for some good old levels to play, I remembered the name of STONES. I read some old reviews that mentioned this in passing as a older level by a good author, so I decided to take a look. But alas this level is simply old, from the days when simply having right angles and some well placed imps in a level made it better than most.

I completed the level in under 2 minutes and was left wondering how on Earth anyone could see merit in this level. The start area is done in misaligned STARTAN, then there's a couple of bland corridors leading to an acid lake and the exit. Some imps on pillars were the only worthy enemies.

Then, just as I was about to dismiss it completely, I checked the map and discovered... a large secret area (well, larger than the main part of the level anyway). This was rather better; there were still misalignments, but it was more stylish, with windows looking down on a courtyard, with imps and shotgun men shooting down at you, and some roaming cacos. Plenty of ammo and health, but at least I got a minute of decent fighting from the level. There is one further secret, alas you only get one shot at it. The final corridor in this secret had some nice touches with lighting and an acid flow crossing.

Well I don't know, the main part of the level is trivial and crap, the secret part is better, the final secret has some nice touches; it seems that this level really wants to hide its better side. Overall though, what action there is is too short to be worth playing, and the architecture is very old. This one is only of interest to Doom historians I think.


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