Suppression of resistance


Fact Sheet

Authors Doug Ryerson
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/05/22
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

This is a Shores of Hell styled level for Doom, with a mixture of some stone and cement areas and some more decorated areas including a torchlit room which might be a kind of chapel. The nice thing about this level are the really nice features in some of the areas; the level could be an excellent example of that textbook editing rule, that you make a level more interesting by varying the floor level, because it uses a lot of stairways and ledges to liven up the main rooms. There is also some good use of decorations, some small outdoor ponds and an acid room.

However, the level rather shows its age and the inexperience of the author. This level comes from the early school of Doom WAD design which hadn't yet learned the value of right angles - in other words, half the walls are at random strange angles. Lighting is poor, and texturing indifferent. And while some of the rooms have features, they aren't convincing. The level has a tacky feel.

One unusual feature of the level is the inclusion of some new textures with writing on. Since these consist of hints like "you should have [keycard] to reach this point" behind a keydoor, it backfires and makes the level feel even more tacky.

Sadly, the gameplay is mostly very dull. The enemies are scattered around the level very indifferently, with no particular placement, with the result that there are only two interesting fights - the start fight, where the scattered enemies at least give the player a lot of different targets when the screen clears, and one nice trap near the exit. The interesting layouts in a couple of places promise some better action but fail to deliver anything but the odd baron and some rather lost looking former humans. The level progression is at least not too bad, quite non-linear and with some switches and such to hit to reach the keycards, but nothing special.

Overall then, a level with some promise but little else.


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