Fact Sheet

Authors John Martino
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/10
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot TWILIGHT is a single level designed for Boom. Unlike his previous WAD, this time John has gone for a more industrial style of architecture. Unfortunately I found the design of this level to be very boring - rooms were decorated mainly with a single texture, and some big rooms needed a lot more detail. OTOH there were other areas, like starting courtyard (below), which were good.

This is a tough level. That courtyard is tricky to fight in, for instance, because of the strong acid (there are several fights in that yard). There are quite a lot of fights at this level where awkward scenery like acid and trees get in the way of the fights, making them much harder. There are also 3 cyberdemons and a spiderdemon at the level, but there is plenty of help with these (BFG, invulnerability, crusher). The monster selection and placement was good throughout the level I thought.

The level progression was good; I liked the way that the teleports lowered and raised so you could only use the right one. Although it probably makes co-op impossible. There is a bit near the start where you have to shoot a panel to open the way forward, but it's well signposted.

There are new sounds with this level. That are in the talky style (like Duke Nukem, where you talk to yourself as you kill things), which personally I dislike but maybe others like.

There is good stuff at this level, but it could be better.


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