Fact Sheet

Authors Brian Plumb
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/5
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

screenshot A good level.




What, you want more or something? Its not like I'm being paid per word here, kiddies. I've noticed that not that I'm a seasoned, hardcore DOOM review veteran, I seem to have lost a lot of my urge to describe levels in depth, unless it blows me away. Undersea is a good level, but basically is rather uninteresting because its rather small. A small level will very very rarely ever get anything over a "3" because it doesn't hold your interest... just when you're getting into it, it is over. Undersea is a nice level, but since it is rather small and because it is not particularly shining in any way, it only gets a three.

The entire theme of the level is a sort of undersea base. Since this level was made before BOOM colored bitmaps, you have to imagine you are underwater, I guess, when you see that the ceiling is made of water. At least that is what I got from it. For the most part, this is handle pretty well: you start out on the surface and then work yourself below through subterranean passages... the water ceilings seem to disappear at a steady height level, as if you have just gone back to the surface. A couple of times this backfires... a few locations have water ceilings bordered by areas with regular ceilings.

There are a couple of nice fights and very little health so usually you wander around hurting. Ammo tends to be in caches. I also like how the level backtracks to the opening arena but as soon as you enter, all these walls rise from the ground and doors open letting loose some monsters, so it is in effect an entirely new area. There is also a rising pit where you find yourself surrounded by some sargeants, imps, and a baron and three cacodemons on pillars around you. The cacodemons are frozen because of barrels placed right next to them, so you only have to focus on the Baron, or kill the cacos by loosening them up with a well-octaned barrel explosion and then a few shots of the shotgun.

Overall, a good, smaller level. The underwater theme works well for the most part... I'd actually dig seeing a new, BOOM colormap version of this level.

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