Fact Sheet

Authors Slaytan
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1999/4
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "Valley" is a single level for Doom 2, not surprisingly based around a base in a valley overrun by demons. The base itself is quite small, a simple STONE2 building; most of the action takes place in the valley outside, and the tunnels leading from it.

The valley itself is done fairly well. My main complaint is that with brown rocks, brown water and brown sky... maybe with blue water, and a different sky (something like the sky from Doom 1 episode 1) this area would have looked better. Still, the area certainly gets the rocky valley feel that was intended.

There tunnels that branch off of this area are good too, with torches and pit props to add interest, and the same rugged rocky feel of the valley itself.

The gameplay though was outstanding. The jagged scenery, with it's overlooking rock shelfs, and cracks and tunnels, makes the fights very interesting. There are plenty of good traps, including an excellent one halfway through where a couple of archvilles are released into the valley at strategic points, revitalising the whole area into yet another good fight. There is excellent monster selection, and lots of chance to get monsters fighting each other.

There is plenty of ammo and health (in particular, rather a lot of megaspheres and such powerful powerups), but that doesn't stop it being a great fight. There are secrets to find too. The level uses all the keys, some switches, and nice links opening between areas later on, to give an interesting sequence to the level.

Overall, a level with pretty good scenery and some great fights. Would've been a certain 5 if the valley was more interesting to look at. Definitely a level to play.


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