VRACK 2 - The second battle


Fact Sheet

Authors Fredrik
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 2001/3/24
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot VRACK 2 continues where Vrack left off - yes, it's another space base overrun with demons. Probably the most significant difference from Vrack is the greater complexity of the main areas, in particular the greater number of outdoor areas - for instance, you start on a landing pad sticking out from the station, with an impressive view of it against the imported star speckled sky background. The level definitely requires Boom due to the complexity of many areas - it ran alright on my PII/266 although with some slowdown in the complex central hall - and some special Boom features are used too.

The good gameplay from Vrack is also continued. The grander, more spacious architecture is accompanied by a greater emphasis on the more heavyweight monsters, like cacodemons and mancubi, especially in the outdoor areas. But the indoor areas still have a good mix of monsters, and some good traps too.

The level makes use of a little used Boom feature, where a locked door can require a particular kind of key (e.g. a red card door that doesn't accept a red skull key, and visa versa). Thus the level uses all 6 keys; each key is well defended, so you can expect the level to take a couple of hours to play. The level progression is generally clear throughout though, with most areas fanning out from the central hallway and all key doors clearly marked.

The level is no easy ride, either. Plenty of reinforcements are released into the central area as you progress around the level; not to mention the hordes of cacodemons that get released by various traps along the way. On top of that there are some truly vicious side areas: one of these has a key card in the middle of room filled with acid, and when you jump in cages open all around with revenants firing in on you. You just have to kill them before the health boxes run out - I'm glad I was playing coop, the extra firepower is invaluable here.

The gray and tech theme is sustained well throughout the level; the dreary gray feel that afflicts some space levels is avoided, with plenty of computer panels, crates, and other industrial features. There is good attention to detail throughout, and although the station is essentially flat overall, there are plenty of architectural features within each area which prevents this making the level boring.

Overall, this is certainly the best space station level I've played in a long time. A good mix of big fights, traps, and great architecture. The spacious design makes for good coop play too.

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