Fact Sheet

Authors Pablo Dictter
Engine limitless source port
Date 2001/05/25
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot An odd little level. My first reaction is that this is more of a mini maze than a warehouse, with its narrow passageways and small doorways, in fact one wonders how they managed to ever get the crates in there. The level is quite stylish in it's not-a-warehouse way; all the rooms are quite small and sinister, with a mixture of green stone, red rock and computer/industrial textures. The lighting and detail is good.

The level is small and short, so what do you get for your 5 minutes play? Well there are a couple of tricky fights, specifically a couple of barons which are difficult due to the limited space. Apart from that, the fact that there are rarely more then 2 enemies moving at once, and usually less, means you aren't in much danger. You do have to kill some monsters with a pistol early on, but you get plenty of shells after that, and there's enough health around that with so few enemies it's hard to feel under pressure.

Finally there's the status bar, which I recognise but can't quite place right now. Why are the ammo type indicators removed? If it was to make room for something I might understand this, but the space is left empty. Explain that if you can.

Overall, a trivial level with some well drawn architecture wasted because it didn't make sense.

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