For the Wicked Shall Perish


Fact Sheet

Authors Rex Claussen
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 2002/04/29
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot of central yard This level is build around an unusual layout. The main area of the level connecting the major parts together is a broad circular corridor, surrounded outside by channels of nukage. Doors and bridges lead out from this corridor to different side areas where the keycards are located; the ultimate aim of the level being to collect all the cards in order to open the exit at the centre of the level. There are nice structural features, windows between areas, and a central outdoor yard which give the level a spacious feel.

It has to be said that most of this level is decorated in cement gray. I joke sometimes about how a really well architected level would still be a good level even if it were redecorated all in grey, but I hope noone takes that too literally. Howeber this level is a good example of that principle; while the main structure is all cement, there is good variety in the side areas, with nukage ponds and tunnels, outdoor areas, storage areas with crates and barrels - in fact the level has a very good Shores of Hell (Doom episode 2) feel to it. There is a fair level of detail with plenty of computer and industrial panels, and nice use of fancy floors and ceilings.

The interesting structures in the level make for some good fights, with many places where the player has to play quite aggressively to outmaneover the monsters. There are some nice traps as well. The level is not particularly hard - the traps are not overwhelming, the other fights are usually straightforward, and the tougher monsters are used sparingly. But the enemies are used intelligently for some good fights.

That said, however, the level does have some serious drawbacks. Firstly, you can and probably will get completely stuck - one of the major side areas is accessed via a lift which works only once. Once-only lifts are pretty rare in my experience, and when the area in question contains a lot of ammo (much of which I left behind intending to go back for it later) the chances are that the player will go back there. Whoops, now you're stuck, time to reload. Either that's a bad trick or a bad oversight. This is somewhat compensated for by a number of good secrets throughout the level. Another interesting problem is that the level uses a high proportion of demons, yet the chainsaw is in a side area off the main route, and which the player might not get into until right at the end of the level depending on the order in which they tackle the level - as happened with me, causing me to struggle with low ammo in places.

Early on I was a bit frustrated by this level, but I warmed to the style and enjoyed it despite the problems with the level progression.


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