The Real Wright Junior Senior High School


Fact Sheet

Authors Patrick Weber
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/5
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

From the text file: "Description: This is a WAD modeled after Wright Junior/Senior High in Wright, Wyoming. All exits are sealed and the exit switch is hidden. Have fun!" Oh yeah. Fun.

I should have known better. But, then again, I never bother to read text files before I download them, so add another level to my pile of bad reviews. I think I went on a rant last week about people who don't have the creativity to design a level based on anything besides a location that they see 8 hours a day. This level is pretty bad. For one thing, even though it is based on a school, it simply looks like a bunch of long corridors with many rooms. Rooms are generally rectangles filled to the brim with monsters. There are a few problems: walls flicker in and out, but mostly, the level is just drab and ugly. It is constantly fullbright, there is only one texture used, doors are all the same, and there is no detail whatsoever. Then add over 700 monsters and a hidden exit switch, that brings us down to a "0" for Architecture. I usually give even bad levels an architecture of "1", simply if there are no bugs. However, I think walls blinking in and out of existance are "bugs", so a "0" it gets.

There are also no difficulty levels, which I usually wouldn't mark down for, but when someone shove 716 monsters into a small level, you sort of have to take off points. Especially when barons are roaming around by the hundreds and the only weapon present in the level is a shotgun. And -especially- when every single monster in the level sounds off as soon as you take your first shot. I don't think this level is possible to beat in single player. Not that it would be worth playing even if it were, but still, perhaps some DOOM Deity out there would love to download this thing and try to take on the 716 barons, lost souls, sargeants, imps, demons, and spider demons that exist in this level using only their trusty shotgun. I don't get it.

Truly a bad level. Note to myself: start reading text files.


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