Download and Installation Instructions

Python Kye is written and maintained by me, Colin Phipps. News of new Python Kye releases will be posted here.

There are different sets of instructions depending on your computer and how technical you are - don't worry about the choice, just go to the most appropriate option. I have just broken things out into different sets of instructions so each set of instructions can be kept simple:

RPM Package

This will be most suitable for people running Fedora or another RPM-based distribution with little or no experience of running programs from the command line. You will have to run a couple of commands, but after that it is installed, and depending on how your version of Linux is set up, you should get an icon for Kye appear automatically in your desktop menus.

Source Package

This is suitable for the users happy with running stuff from the command line, and people with non-RPM distributions (like Ubuntu). You can also use this method if you would prefer to run Kye without properly installing it (you can run Kye just by extracting it to your home directory and running it from there).

Windows Install

Python Kye works on Windows too. However there are a few things to install and commands to run, so currently I only recommend this for the technical-minded.

Install the Shareware Version

For Windows users, the easy way to play Kye is to install the good old shareware version. It's a Windows 3.1 app, but still works on Windows XP and may continue to work for some time; and it is fully compatible with Python Kye levels.

Go to "My Kye Page", select Downloads, and download Extract it and simply run the Kye.exe that it contains. The only limitation of the shareware version is the registration/donation screen that you see when you start the game.

Image sets

Python Kye supports alternative image sets, which can be dropped in in place of the supplied images.tar.gz. The Windows distribution of Python Kye includes the original Kye theme by default, whereas the Linux version uses a theme of my creation.

Questions etc

Please direct questions and comments, and discussion about the game, to the Kye mailing list.