My Kye Levels

I have made various levels for Kye over the years. The first three level packs are for "traditional" Kye (that is, the shareware v1.x version — they work in the newer version too, of course), and the final set of levels is for the newer Kye v2 (with black holes etc). The first two here, Quests and Jungle, I included when I registered the game, so they were included in with the registered version of the game.

All of my levels here are copyright 2004 by myself, Colin Phipps. You may do whatever you want with them as long as I get a credit as the original author.


Screenshot of FortressMy first set of ten levels, quests.kye. Some of these are distinctly basic, like Stairway and Stairway2. But the very first level, Trick, is surprisingly good; the second level, Rushed, is also good, and Collision and Fortress (pictured here) are not bad. (The final room at Fortress, with the sentry and two badies, remains very frustrating.)


Screenshot of TrackwayMy second set of ten levels, jungle.kye, also designed for v1.x Kye. This includes what I still consider my two best levels. Trackway is a hair-trigger slider track, where the player has to solve puzzles without disturbing the sliders or you lose the final diamonds. Moving a magnet across a stream of sliders without disturbing them is interesting :-)

Beware the MinefieldSecondly, Minefield, which is one of those levels with a really simple idea, where the player has to work out a strategy and work hard to bring it off:


Screenshot of Releasemaze.kye, another set of ten levels for Kye v1. I think I made these after I registered the game, but before I got into the new features of the new version. I don't remember precisely how it happened that way, but so it is.

Some of the levels here are a bit naff, but there are some good ones. Sentries is sheer madness, with some very tough and frustrating rooms. Helper and Release, pictured here, are good puzzle levels.


Okay, so my imagination for names for the level sets is not as good as my imagination for the levels themselves :-). problem.kye has 20 levels, using the new Kye v2 features of black holes and slider-shooters.

Hold Up!There are some excellent ideas in these levels. Hold Up! (pictured here), Preservative, and several other puzzle levels included can be quite difficult.

BypassThere are a lot of levels where the player is working against the clock. Runner is a personal favourite of mine, but to avoid providing a spoiler I will not show a picture of the level. There is also Bypass (pictured), Tomb, Bank Vault, Security Check and Edging, all of which put the player under timing pressure.

The Power StationThere are a number of more conventional puzzle levels, but also a few genuinely innovative levels; I have not seen anything like Power Station, pictured here, done elsewhere:


Collectorsystem.kye is 6 new levels. Some of these are levels I have had sitting around for years; others are newly designed with the Python Kye level editor. The first three should be straightforward; the final two, including Collector (pictured), are harder.


Rastermystical.kye is 4 new levels, which I created while testing Python Kye. These levels use certain quirks and obscure features of the Kye game to create some particularly tough puzzles. Only for experienced players — you have been warned!


All of the above levels are by Colin Phipps, and I can put up hints for any of the levels on request.


Hordeshordes.kye is by Robert Phipps, which he has asked me to include here. Six levels: the first three are easy arcade-style levels, where you have to outrun a horde of monsters; the last three levels are harder, with the highlight being the very tough and minimalist BRICKLAYER, pictured here.


Crowdscrowds.kye, again by Robert Phipps. 7 arcade-style levels, with more swarms of monsters to outwit.