A hell day


Fact Sheet

Authors Michael Krause
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1999/08/10
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

It has been said about Michael's levels, though not by me, that while they are all good, they all look the same. This isn't quite right - while it is true that they all share a grand grand architectural style that is instantly recognisable, the setting varies considerably, from the space-base Moon 2000 to the bricks'n'metal theme in go to hell.

screenshot A Hell Day uses an outdoor industrial/storage style, with a motif of cement and metal and a mixture of pipes, crates and ponds to makes areas more interesting. The real eye-catcher is the architecture however; as usual with Michael's style, there's no such thing as just "a yard", instead the outdoor areas are all intertwined, with each area bounded by either other areas at higher levels, or high walls topped with enemies or over which cacodemons appear at some inconvenient moment. Everything is on a giant scale, with broad sweeping steps or lifts big enough for half a dozen enemies linking areas.

The level is well populated with a mix of enemies, but the generally spacious feel means the player is not often under real pressure. Due to the open architecture the main danger comes from distant sniping chaingunners, or the packs of cacos which are released in a few places - most of the level is outdoors with walls between areas which the cacos are free to cross. There are some good traps but again the space available means these usually aren't deadly.

Overall, it's yet another Krause level, and you either love 'em of you hate 'em. It's a good rolling level with plenty of action and impressive architecture.

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